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Used Agitators For Sale

1AgitatorsID#: 289
Used Agitators. Floculant Mixer, Type - Enviro Chem, Model #MARK 2, Capacity: 120 Gallons

1AgitatorsID#: 2864
Used Agitators. Lighnin Mixer. Single Phase. 1/3 HP.

1AgitatorsID#: 2866
Used Agitators. Hayward Gordon Mixer. Model: PG2. 1/4 HP Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 2867
Used Agitators. Philadelphia Mixer. Model: PG-12. 1/2 HP Motor.

2AgitatorsID#: 885
Used Agitators. Greey-Lightnin Model EV5P Tank Mixers. 1 c/w .5 HP Single Phase Motor. 1 c/w .75 Single Phase Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 2167
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer Head. Complete with 1/3 HP Electric Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 1875
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer Head. Model 87-Q-40. 40 HP, 440V, Electric Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 2865
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer. Model: D-2A. 3/4 HP.

1AgitatorsID#: 808
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer Model: 12D-4. 3 Phase Electric Motor. c/w Swivel Tank Mounting Adapter

5AgitatorsID#: 886
Used Agitators. .25 hp Greey Lightening Tank Agitators. c/w 36in. Long Stainless Shaft and 3 in. dia. 3 Blade Propeller. Single phase motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 904
Used Agitators. 2 HP Chemineer . Agitator Head. Model: 1HTD-2. 1200 RPM Input. 45 RPM Output. 2 HP 575 Volt Motor.

2AgitatorsID#: 807
Used Agitators. Philadelphia Mixers. Model POG-34 .75hp 230/460 Volt Motors. Output Shaft Speed 350 RPM.

1AgitatorsID#: 993
Used Agitators. 38 in. dia. x 52 in. Deep Stainless Steel Mixers with 24 in. dia. Prop & 20 HP Eectric Motor.

2AgitatorsID#: 8
Used Agitators. 4 ft. Dia. Dorr Gear Heads Less Tanks.

2AgitatorsID#: 903
Used Agitators. 5 HP Chemineer Agitator Head. Model 3HTD-5. 1200 RPM Input. 45 RPM Output. 5 HP, 575 Volt Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 806
Used Agitators. 5 HP Drive. 550 Volt. Output Shaft Speed: 400 RPM

2AgitatorsID#: 2128
Used Agitators. 5 ft. dia. x 5 ft. Stainless Steel Mixing Tank. c/w 2 HP Hayward Gordon Belt Drive Mixer & 2 in. Cyclone.

2AgitatorsID#: 95
Used Agitators. 5 ft. x 6 ft. Wooden Tank Conditioner.

1AgitatorsID#: 1501
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer Head, Model: 72-Q, 32-1 Ratio, Output Speed 56 RPM, 5 HP, 230/440 Volt Electric Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 2132
Used Agitators. 6 ft. dia. x 4 ft. Mixer Tank. c/w Super Agitator/Conditioner. 5 HP Belt Drive Mechanism.

1AgitatorsID#: 2129
Used Agitators. 6 ft. dia. x 6 ft. Mixing Tank. Driven by 1.5 HP Drive Motor. c/w Philadelphia Gearhead Mixer.

1AgitatorsID#: 2584
Used Agitators. 6 ft. dia. x 6 ft. Mixing Tank. Philadelphia Gearhead Mixer with 2 HP Motor.

4AgitatorsID#: 978
Used Agitators. 7 ft. dia. x 10 ft. Deep Mixing Tanks. c/w Prochem Model: PVTO-3-280, 3 HP Belt Drive Mixers & Oxboro Electronic Transmitters.

1AgitatorsID#: 2586
Used Agitators. 7 ft. dia. x 12 ft. Mixing Tank/Thickener. 5 HP Drive Motor with Radicon Reducer.

1AgitatorsID#: 2585
Used Agitators. 8 ft. dia. x 12 ft. Mixing Tank. 5 HP Drive Motor with Double Sheave (Pulley) Reduction System.

1AgitatorsID#: 1815
Used Agitators. Lightnin Model: 78-Q-60. On common base with electric motor.

2AgitatorsID#: 1070
Used Agitators. 10 in. dia. x 29 in. Stainless Steel Mixer with Lightnin 5 HP, Model: XDC-500 Agitator.

1AgitatorsID#: 1071
Used Agitators. 17 in. dia. x 21 in. Stainless Steel Mixer with Lightnin 5 HP, Model: NLD-300 Agitator

5AgitatorsID#: 1679
Used Agitators. Lightnin 15 HP Mixer Drives. Model 75-Q-15. Last Used in 20 ft. dia. x 20 ft. Deep Carbon Leach Agitator Tanks.

1AgitatorsID#: 1500
Used Agitators. Lightnin Mixer Head, Model: 86-Q-2525, 25 HP, 230/460 Volt Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 1067
Used Agitators. 33 in. dia. x 48 in. deep Stainless Steel Mixer Tank. With 13 in. dia. Propeller & 20 HP Electric Motor.

1AgitatorsID#: 1006
Used Agitators. Eimco 48 inch Clarifier/Agitator Head. Type B. Model# 110E2278. Unit supplied Refurbished.

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