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Your source for used assay equipment, laboratory equipment, electrical panels and teck cable, pipe, assay and laboratory equipment, ball mills, rod mills, cone crushers, loaders, rock trucks, locomotives, steel, rail, diamond drilling.

Used Assay & Laboratory Equipment For Sale

1Assay and LabID#: 1118
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Photomultiplier Optical Test Bench

1Assay and LabID#: 2924
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Laborartory Scale (DMS) Dense Media Separation plant. Please contact our office for more details.

1Assay and LabID#: 2355
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Cole Parmer Laboratory Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 1/3 HP, 115 Volt

1Assay and LabID#: 2280
Portable sample prep lab. Custom built in a 40 ft sea container. Comes with sample splitter, jaw crusher, roll crusher, ring mill pulverizer, jar mill, lab flotation cell, preparation table, fresh water tank and dust collection system.

1Assay and LabID#: 2432
Western Machinery Lab Flotation Cell. Driven by .25 HP Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 761
Manual Core Splitter

1Assay and LabID#: 2171
Denver #7 Sub A Lab Flot Cell. Rubber lined cell. Complete With 1/2 HP - 60 Hz. Single Phase Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2373
Gilson Sp-1 Sample Splitter. 18" x 24" Feed Hopper.

3Assay and LabID#: 760
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Teel 1/2 in. Sump Pumps.

1Assay and LabID#: 2379
Bico Ring Mill. 250 ML Grinding Barrel

1Assay and LabID#: 2172
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Despatch Industries Bench top Drying Oven. 1.6 KW 110/220 volt, single phase heater.

1Assay and LabID#: 2381
Denver Model D-12 Lab Flotation Machine. Driven by 1/2 HP, Single Phase TEFC Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2953
Siebtechnik ring pulverizer. Comes with sound proofing cabinet.

1Assay and LabID#: 764
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Varian Techtron Atomic Absorption Machine, Type AA-5.

2Assay and LabID#: 2170
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Ro-Tap Testing Sieve Shaker. Model A

0Assay and LabID#: 41
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Good Supply of Used Wet or Dry Reagent Feeders, Denver dry reagent feeders, Clarkson wet reagent feeders. See related video in our "Links and Resources" section above.

1Assay and LabID#: 775
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Thomas Ashworth Speedy Moisture Tester.

1Assay and LabID#: 2945
Used Action mining M7 wave Gold and Heavy Mineral Concentrating Table.

1Assay and LabID#: 2794
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Micro Motion Mass Flow Meter. Model C100.

4Assay and LabID#: 1662
New Assay & Lab Equipment. Marcy Pulp Density Scales.

2Assay and LabID#: 1836
New Assay & Lab Equipment. Clarkson Reagent Feeders - Model E3 Triplex Drive Units

1Assay and LabID#: 2397
Legend Triple Splitter. 16 - 1 in. Chutes.

1Assay and LabID#: 2473
Essa 14in dia. X 28in long continuous flow ball mill. On stand with electric motor drive.

1Assay and LabID#: 28
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Electro Winning Cells, complete with control.

1Assay and LabID#: 2168
2 ft. x 16 in. Single Deck Gilson Test Screen. Complete with Single Phase 1/2 HP Doerr Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 1528
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Traylor 2 1/2 in. Bulldog gyratory crusher. Complete with stand and motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2074
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Gilson Model SP-2. Adjustable Splitter With Leaver Release Hopper.

1Assay and LabID#: 1296
Electric Lab muffle Furnace, Heavy Duty Electric Company, 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/4 in. x 8 in. Deep Chamber.

1Assay and LabID#: 2391
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Torit 3 HP External Dust Collector.

1Assay and LabID#: 1846
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. TSS Fume Hood. 36 in. wide x 28 in. deep. Comes with sliding glass front.

1Assay and LabID#: 2229
Atlas 3.5 X 5.5 inch lab jaw crusher. Complete with stand, motor, belt guard and feed hopper.

2Assay and LabID#: 2227
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Atlas 3.5 X 5.5 in. lab jaw crusher. Comes with feed chute.

1Assay and LabID#: 2436
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 3 in. x 6 in. Lab Jaw.

1Assay and LabID#: 2527
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 3 in. x 8 in. Lab Jaw Crusher. Babbit Bearing Design With Heavy Duty Casting Iron. Mounted on Steel Frame.

1Assay and LabID#: 2281
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 4 Shelf double door electric drying oven.

1Assay and LabID#: 2194
4in. Auger feeder with hopper. Used to feed concentrating table design. Complete With Variable Speed Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2837
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Massco 4 x 6 lab jaw crusher. Mounted on stand with single phase drive motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2116
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Marcy 4 in. x 6 in. Lab Jaw Crusher. Mounted On Stand.

1Assay and LabID#: 1650
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Damon centrifuge. Model IEC HN-SII. Comes with 4 x 50mL rotor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2795
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Barnstead Water Distiller. Model 525. Rated for 5 GPM.

1Assay and LabID#: 1844
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Labconco Fume Hood. 5ft wide x 2ft deep. Comes with sliding glass front.

1Assay and LabID#: 1818
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 5ft x 5ft Electric Drying Table.

1Assay and LabID#: 1341
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. TM Rhino 5 x 7 Jaw Crusher. Can be supplied with or without electric motor. See related crusher video in our "Links and Resources" section above.

1Assay and LabID#: 2262
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Phipps & Bird Model 7790-400 six paddle stirrer. 120 volt single phase drive.

1Assay and LabID#: 1635
6 inch dia. X 8.5 ft long laboratory spiral classifier. Shaft mount gear reducer with 1hp motor. SOLD REFURBISHED

1Assay and LabID#: 2377
Denver 6 in. x 10 in. Roll Crusher. Driven by 3 HP Motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 2954
Stainless steel DSM Dewatering screen. 6.5in. X 11in. screen area

1Assay and LabID#: 2390
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Stainless Steel Sample Splitter. 14 - 3/4 in. Chutes.

1Assay and LabID#: 2801
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Electromagnetic Metering Pump. 7 GPH.

1Assay and LabID#: 2431
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Lab Bond Ball Mill. Twin 8 in. x 12 in. Long Mills. Mounted on Common Frame.

2Assay and LabID#: 2787
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Bico 8 inch dia. Belt Driven Pulverizers.

3Assay and LabID#: 2297
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Dust Control Station. 8ft. x 4ft. x 3ft. Deep.

1Assay and LabID#: 2380
Double Rolls Jar Mill. Driven by 1/4 HP Single Phase Motor

4Assay and LabID#: 2387
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 8 and 10 in. Pressure Filters.

1Assay and LabID#: 1824
New Assay & Lab Equipment. Propane Fired Assay Furnaces. 3 Sizes Available - 9 in. ID, 10 in. ID, & 11 in. ID.

1Assay and LabID#: 1825
New Assay & Lab Equipment. Electric Furnaces. 5 Sizes Available. 9 in. x 10 in. to 16 in. x 16 in. Contact Us With Your Requirements.

1Assay and LabID#: 2796
9 in. x 24 in. Stainless Steel Dewatering Screen. In Excellent Condition!

1Assay and LabID#: 2156
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 10 in. Marcy Gyro-Cone Crusher. Complete With 2 HP Motor. Supplied Refurbished.

1Assay and LabID#: 2956
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 10 in. Marcy Gyro-Cone Crusher.

1Assay and LabID#: 2803
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Stone Container Corp. Bagger.

4Assay and LabID#: 43
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Denver 12 in. dia Vacuum Filters

1Assay and LabID#: 1010
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Gilson Wet-Vac Sieve Test Bench. Model WV-3. For 12 in. and 8 in. Sieves 115V/60Hz

1Assay and LabID#: 2119
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 22.75 in. dia. Lab Sized Grinder Pulverizer. 10 HP Electric Drive. C/W 16 in. x 16 in. x 8 in. deep feeder hopper with rotary drum material feeder.

1Assay and LabID#: 2354
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Sample Splitter 13 - 8 in. Openings, 18in. Chute, 28 in. x 16 in. Feed

1Assay and LabID#: 1072
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Szego Vertical Cage Mill, Complete with 15 HP Drive Motor

1Assay and LabID#: 2386
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 20 in. x 20 in. Wash Tub.

1Assay and LabID#: 1654
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Perkin-Elmer Model 2380 AA Machine. Comes with several lamps and spares.

1Assay and LabID#: 2195
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. 30in. Diameter Amalgamator. .75 HP 1725 RPM. Uses 1 in. to 1.5 in. Grinding Media

1Assay and LabID#: 2389
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Propane Fired 2 Burner Stove.

2Assay and LabID#: 2388
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Two Door Drying Oven. 2000 Watt Single Phase - 230 Volt.

1Assay and LabID#: 2959
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine. 36in. diameter X 18in. wide. Includes drive motor, gear reducer, revolution counter,and material catch pan.

1Assay and LabID#: 2382
3 ft. x 8 ft. Work Table.

1Assay and LabID#: 2261
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Tyler model RX-86 Sieve Shaker. Complete with single phase motor.

1Assay and LabID#: 1295
Gilson Test Screen, MODEL TS-1

1Assay and LabID#: 2802
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Randolph Metering Pump. Model: 610. 200 GPH.

1Assay and LabID#: 1987
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Corning stirrer. Model: PC 353.

2Assay and LabID#: 1817
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. H-B-S Electrowinning Cells, complete with DC Controllers. 750 Amp & 1000 Amp.

1Assay and LabID#: 1985
Used Assay & Lab Equipment. Thermolyne mixer. Type: 16700.

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