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Your source for used ball mills, rod mills, sag mills, grinding balls, and mill components such as pinion gears, trunions, liners, sole plates, speed reducers, lifters,herring bone gears, air clutches, bearings, ring gears, and more.

Used Ball Mills For Sale

1Mills - BallID#: 1682
Used Ball Mill Components: bull gears, pinion gears, trunions, liners, heads, air clutches, speed reducers, lifters, etc.

2Mills - BallID#: 2949
Used Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. 6 ft. dia. x 14 ft. Long. Rubber Lined. 250 HP Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 1297
Used Patterson Batch Ball Mill. 24 in. dia. x 36 in. long. Ceramic Lined.

1Mills - BallID#: 2797
Used Hendy Ball Mill. 3 ft. dia. x 3 ft. Long.

1Mills - BallID#: 2894
Unused 32 in. dia. x 5 ft. Long Ball Mill. 7.5 HP Motor & Gearbox Drive.

1Mills - BallID#: 2948
Used Denver Ball Mill. 3 ft. dia. x 5 ft. Long. Steel lined.

1Mills - BallID#: 2029
Used Union Ironworks Ball Mill. 4 ft. dia. x 4.5 ft. (inside liners). Scoop Feed, 50 HP Motor. Recently Refurbished.

2Mills - BallID#: 1927
Used Patterson Ball Mill. 56 in. dia. x 72 in. Long. Ceramic Lined Batch Mills. Electric Motor Drive.

1Mills - BallID#: 2279
Used Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. 4 ft. dia. x 8 ft. Long. 60 hp Motor & Gear Reducer. Rubber Lined Shell. Steel Lined Heads. All Mounted on Common Skid.

1Mills - BallID#: 2209
Allis Chalmers 5 X 7 Ball mill. Belt drive, complete with motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 1201
Used Vancouver Engineering Works Regrind Ball Mill. 5 ft. dia. x 5.5 ft. long. 75 hp Electric Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 2697
Used Conical Ball Mill. 6 ft. dia. x 4 ft. Long. Mounted on Frame.

1Mills - BallID#: 254
Used Hardinge Conical Ball Mill. 6 ft. x 4 ft. Steel lined. 100 hp Motor & Gear Reducer.

1Mills - BallID#: 2893
Used Eimco Ball Mill. 6 ft. dia. x 5 ft. Long. 100 HP Motor. Metal Liners.

1Mills - BallID#: 2892
Used Eimco Ball Mill. 6 ft. dia. x 6 ft. Long. Rubber Liners. 100 HP Motor & Soft Start.

1Mills - BallID#: 2635
Used Hardinge Conical Mill. 7 ft. Dia. x 4 ft. Long. Complete with Air Sweep System.

1Mills - BallID#: 2215
Used Marcy Ball Mill. 7 ft. dia. x 7 ft. Long. Steel Liner. Grate Discharge. Motor & Reducer.

1Mills - BallID#: 247
Used Traylor Ball Mill. 7 ft. dia. x 10 ft. long. Rubber lined.

1Mills - BallID#: 251
Used Denver Ball/Rod Mill. 8 ft. dia. x 12 ft. long. 500 hp Motor. Falk Gear Box.

1Mills - BallID#: 1610
Used Allis Chalmers Preliminator Ball Mill. Size 9.5 ft. dia. x 10. ft. long. Manganese Liners with 400 HP Allis Chalmers Motor @ 180 RPM.

1Mills - BallID#: 1671
Used Hardinge Ball Mill. 9 ft. dia. x 11 ft. Long. 500 hp, 2300-4160 Volt Motor, Hamilton Reducer, Lubrication System, etc.

1Mills - BallID#: 1566
Used Marcy Ball Mill. 9.5 dia. ft. x 13 ft. Herringbone Bull & Pinion Gears. No Motor or Liners.

1Mills - BallID#: 2613
Used Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. 9 ft. 6 in. Dia. x 14 ft. Long. 600 HP Synchronous Motor.

2Mills - BallID#: 2923
Used Fuller Ball Mill. 9 ft. dia. x 18 ft. Long. Rubber lined. 600 HP Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 1523
Used Hardinge Ball Mill. 10-1/2 ft. dia. x 10 ft. x 9 ft. Tricone.

1Mills - BallID#: 1495
Used Dorst Batch Ball Mill. 10 ft. dia. x 12 ft. Long. 125 hp Motor. External Belt Drive.

1Mills - BallID#: 1609
Used Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. 10.5 ft. dia. x 16 in. Long. Manganese Liners, Bull, & Pinion Gear. Direct drive from GE Synchronous 1,000 HP motor @ 180 RPM.

3Mills - BallID#: 1526
Used Hardinge Conical Ball Mill. 10ft dia. X 48 in. Long. 350 hp Motor. Falk Enclosed Gear Reducer.

3Mills - BallID#: 2399
Used Dominion Ball Mill. 12 ft. dia. x 14 ft Long. 1,300 hp, 257 RPM Synchronous Motor. Lubrication System.

1Mills - BallID#: 1675
7 X 5 Hardinge Regrind Mill

1Mills - BallID#: 2788
Marcy 5 ft. x 8 ft. Ball Mill. Supplied with New Rubber Liners Ready to go into Service.

1Mills - BallID#: 1480
Union Iron Works 5ft dia. X 5ft ball mill grinding module. On skid with feed hopper and conveyor. 2 in. mill discharge slurry pump and 6 in. classifier. SOLD REFURBISHED.

1Mills - BallID#: 976
Allis Chalmers 9ft dia. x 13ft ball mill. Comes with bull and pinion gear, Falk gear reducer, motor and gear guards.

1Mills - BallID#: 1925
Denver 16 in. Dia x 32 in. Long Ball Mill. Vari-Speed Drive Motor, Full Gear and Drum Guarding.

1Mills - BallID#: 1615
Kennedy Van Saun 11.5 foot dia. X 15 foot long ball mill. Complete with 1250 hp, 4000 volt, 257 rpm synchronous motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 2616
Denver 5 ft. Dia. x 8 ft. Long ball Mill. Driven by 75 HP Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 2100
6ft. Dia. x 14ft. Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. Rubber Lined. Main Bearings with New Babbit Inserts and Sole Plates Complete with Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 1813
3.5ft x 3.5ft Rubber Lined Ball Mill, Belt Driven. Baldor electric motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 1525
Marcy 10.5ft x 15ft ball mill. Comes with 900hp motor, Falk gear reducer, Airflex clutch, automatic gear lubricator.

1Mills - BallID#: 2472
Essa 14in dia. X 28in long continuous flow ball mill. On stand with electric motor drive.

1Mills - BallID#: 1078
Hardinge 4.5ft X 16 in. Conical ball mill. On common steel frame with 30 hp electric motor. Mill length 4ft from inlet to discharge.

2Mills - BallID#: 1024
Dominion 12.5ft x 15ft Ball/rod mill. Comes with 1250 hp motor

1Mills - BallID#: 2248
Hardinge 8 foot dia. X 48 inch conical ball mill. Steel lined.

1Mills - BallID#: 2142
3 ft. X 5 ft. Denver Ball/Rod Mill. c/w 20 HP - 575 Volt Motor & Speed Reducer. Mounted On Common Skid.

1Mills - BallID#: 2233
Hardinge Ball Mill. 8 Ft x 6 Ft - 250 Hp. Skid Mounted

1Mills - BallID#: 237
Allis Chamlers 7 ft dia x 6 ft ball mill, c/w 150 hp motor

1Mills - BallID#: 1898
4ft x 7ft Lime Ball Mill. Wave Liners. Includes Motor. Excellent Condition.

1Mills - BallID#: 2615
Allis Chalmers 6 ft. Dia. x 12 ft. Long Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. Driven by 200 HP, 575 Volt Motor.

1Mills - BallID#: 2169
6 Ft. X 9 Ft. Allis Chalmers Ball Mill. Refurbished with Brand new Rubber Liners. New Bearings. Mounted On Portable Steel Frame. Unit Was Installed, But Never Put Into Production.

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