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Your source for used diamond drills, assay and lab equipment, electrical panels and teck cable, pipe, ball mills, rod mills, cone crushers, loaders, rock trucks, locomotives, steel, rail, diamond drilling.

Used Diamond Drills For Sale

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2916
2007 Boart Longyear LF90D Platform Diamond Drill Package with PQ Head, 535 Bean Pump, and Much More

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2915
2007 Boart Longyear LF90D Track Mounted Diamond Drill Package with PQ Head, 535 Bean Pump and Much More.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2917
2011 Boart Longyear LF90D Track Mounted Diamond Drill Package with PQ Head, 535 Bean Pump, and Much More

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2918
Boart Longyear LM30 Mobile Diamond Drill Mounted on Cat 246C Skid Steer Bobcat.

4Drilling - DiamondID#: 2919
700 Series Boart Longyear Diamond Drills with LM90 Power Pack and Control Panel. Four Available

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2871
2011 Sandvik De-140 Surface Underground or Fly Diamond Core Drill Package with Perkins Diesel Drive, Pumps, Sloop, and Much More.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2293
Versa KMB.8 Diamond drill. John Deere diesel drive. In half shack skid with 420 bean pump and mud tank. Comes with 1200ft BTW rod and tooling.

2Drilling - DiamondID#: 2842
Boyles 37 Diamond Drill Package including, Two Drills, Pump in Shack, HQ and NQ Rods, Casing, Waterline, and Much More Including Many Spares and Accessories

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2870
Longyear 44 Diamond Drill with H-Head, 453 Detroit, Allison Auto Transmission, 30ft Tower Mounted in Wheeled Skid Shack with Hydraulic Folding Floor

25Drilling - DiamondID#: 2478
25 NQ Chuck Jaws in Good Used Condition

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2661
Discovery 1 Diamond Drill Package with Kubota Diesel Drive, Shack, Pumps, Fly Baskets, and More.

12Drilling - DiamondID#: 2477
12 HQ Chuck Jaws in Good Used Condition

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2967
Rebuilt Winkie GW 15 Diamond Core Drill with Brand New Engine. Can be Supplied with Bean Pump driven by a Briggs and Stratton Engine.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2435
Longyear 24 Wolverine Combo Drill, Surface or Underground, Hydraulic Driven, Air and Electric Motors Included.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2496
Edeco Stratadrill 80 Diamond Core Drill with HQ Chuck, 6 Cylinder Deutz Drive, Located in New Zealand

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2565
Hunter 1000 Diamond Core Fly Drill, B20 Head, 12HH Chuck, Cummins Diesel Drive, 20 ft Mast, 2 Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps. Accessories Available.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2947
Boyles 6XH 9A Xray Diamond Drill

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2942
Brand New Winkie Diamond Drilling Package with All Necessary Equipment Included for Exploration Project.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2619
Longyear 38 with Hydraulic Chuck, Skid Shack, Ford Diesel Drive, 25ft Tower, Wireline, Bean Royal 420 Pump. Accessories Available for a Complete Package. Including Rods, Casing, Tooling, Dozer and More.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2557
Bolyes Model BBU2 air operated diamond drill. V-style air motor drive with column bar supports and pneumatic cylinder rod puller.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2243
Boyles X-ray diamond drill. Comes with gas drive engine.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2622
Longyear 38 with Manual Chuck, Skid Shack, Ford Diesel Drive, 25ft Tower, Wireline, Bean Royal 420 Pump. Accessories for Complete Package Available, Including Rods, Casing, Tooling, Dozer, and More.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2316
Bean Royal model 420 triplex piston pump.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2869
10 HP Winkie Drill. Bronco Pump w/ 6.5 HP Gasoline Motor. AW Drill String. In Near New Condition!

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2121
Boyles BBS 15A Surface Diamond Core Drill, 1400 Perkins Diesel Engine, HQ Boyles Head, 20ft Tower, Royal Bean Pump, C/W Sub Frame, Skid Frame, Marooka Carrier, and Many Accessories Including: Rods, Tooling, etc.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2383
Longyear HC 150 Diamond Drill with Detroit 353T

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2244
Atlas Copco JKS 251 Surface Diamond Core Drill, Skid Mounted in Shack, 125 HP John Deere Diesel Engine, C/W Mud Tank, Mud Mixer, Pump, Etc

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 107
Used Longyear 28 Diamond Drill c/w Wisconsin air cooled motor, complete with gas drive wire line.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2451
Longyear 34 Drill, Truck Mounted. Driven by 300 Detroit Diesel Engine. Comes With 2,000 Ft. of B-Rod

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1748
Complete track mounted longyear 38 diamond drill. Cummins diesel engine. 150 Hitachi track frame. All tooling plus 1000ft of HQ rod.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1731
Longyear 38 Diamond Drill. In drill shack. 4 cylinder Turbo John Deere diesel Engine. additionl fly in frame, tooling and spares. Comes with 900 feet of NQ rod and 100 feet of casing.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2434
Longyear 38 Diamond Core Drill Package. Drill is Driven by Deutz Diesel Engine. Mounted in Skid Shack, Complete with Rods, Pumps, Tooling, etc.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2523
Boyles B56 Diamond Core Drill with 6 Cylinder John Deere, 12HH Head, 30ft Tower, Pumps, etc. Drill and equipment is available as a complete package ready to drill or can be sold as drill only.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2302
GW 15 Winkie Diamond Drill, Rebuilt and Complete with Pump and Rods

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2207
Longyear 44 Skid Mounted Diamond Core Drill, 453 Detroit Rebuilt, 4 Speed Allison Transmission, 20ft Sidewinder Tower, Hydraulic Wireline, Certified Ready to Mount on Truck.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1518
Longyear Super 38 diamond core drill. H head. Rebuilt 353 detroit diesel drive, T98 transmission and FMC 435 pump. Mounted on a Marooka MST-1100 rubber track carrier with 25ft tower and wire line.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2231
JKS 300 Diamond Core Fly Drill Package Including: Pumps, Mud Mixer and Tank, Control Panel, etc.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1989
Hydra-Core Gopher Underground Drill, Tophead Drive, Wireline, 25 HP Electric Motor, Skid Mounted

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1827
Longyear HC 150 Hydraulic Diamond Core Drill, Detroit 353 Motor, Trailer Mounted.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2241
Bazooka air operated diamond drill. On bi-pod stand.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1578
Joy 12B Diamond Core Drill, Skid Mounted, Murphey 20 HP Diesel. Complete including many accessories, tooling, etc

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2528
Longyear 24 with Deutz Diesel and Electric Motor, Complete with Bean 1010 Pump and Mast

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2504
Hydracore Pack Drill Package with 20 HP Honda V Twin Gas Drive, Rods, Tooling, Bits, Pump, Wireline, Waterline, Etc, Complete Package.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 1718
Boyles BBS1 diamond drill. Comes with Deutz 4 cylinder diesel. Longyear BQ head. Tooling. 500 feet of BQ rods and wire line.

1Drilling - DiamondID#: 2305
Boyles X-Ray Diamond Drill. Gas Motor Drive.

2Drilling - DiamondID#: 2452
2 - Mayhew 200 Diamond Drills. Truck Mounted.

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