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Used Flotation Cells For Sale

1Flotation CellsID#: 983
Outokumpu HG flotation cell. 1 bank of 2 cells. 3 cubic meters/cell. Comes with 20 hp drive motor

2Flotation CellsID#: 2627
Bank of 2 Outokumpu Flot Cells with Bottom Trough and Auger.

1Flotation CellsID#: 980
Outokumpu OK3 float cells. Comes in 2 banks of 2. 20 hp drive motors

10Flotation CellsID#: 1023
Dorr-Oliver 300 cubic foot floatation cells with 15hp drive motors. Locate in Eastern Canada

1Flotation CellsID#: 599
Bank of 6 Denver #8 Sub A Flotation Cells. Units supplied refurbished.

1Flotation CellsID#: 1014
Minpro bank of 6 #8 floatation cells. Comes with paddle shaft and drive motors. Unit refurbished, 2 extra cells added and converted to 2 banks of 4.

1Flotation CellsID#: 179
Bank of 4 Denver #12 DR Flotation cells. Units supplied refurbished and shipped to Northern Canada.

1Flotation CellsID#: 596
Bank of 4 Denver Sub A #12 Flotation Cells

1Flotation CellsID#: 1538
Denver #15 Sub A single cell. Comes with discharge launder.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2284
Denver # 15 Flotation Cells. Bank of 2 Sub A Style.

2Flotation CellsID#: 1537
Banks of 6 Denver #15 DR flotation cells.

1Flotation CellsID#: 178
Bank of 6 Denver # 15 Flotation cells. Unit was supplied refurbised and ready to install.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2927
Column Cell Assembly. 16 in. x 15 ft. high.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2258
1 - Bank of 6 Denver # 18 Special Sub-A Floatation Cells.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2285
Bank of 4 Denver # 18 Float Cells. Sub A Style.

1Flotation CellsID#: 1848
Bank of 4 Denver Sub A #18 Special Flot Cells

1Flotation CellsID#: 1924
Bank of 4 Denver #18 Special Flotation Cells. Excellent Condition. Will come with new Master flex reagent feeder system.

1Flotation CellsID#: 1849
Bank of 6 Denver Sub A #18 Special Flot Cells.

1Flotation CellsID#: 507
Bank of 10, Denver #18 specials. Units were supplied refurbished with an additional 2 cells added.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2666
Bank of 4 Denver Sub A #21 Floatation Cells.

1Flotation CellsID#: 182
Bank of 8, #21 Denver Sub A

1Flotation CellsID#: 2257
2 - Banks of 4 Denver # 24 Sub-A Floatation Cells.

1Flotation CellsID#: 2061
Bank of 2 No. DR30 Denver Flotation Cells. Complete With Dart Valves

16Flotation CellsID#: 1463
Outokumpu OK38 floatation cell mechanisms. Complete with 75hp motors and associated equipment. Also available 3 - 2 cell tanks. To be sold seperately.

26Flotation CellsID#: 2056
NEW Wemco Model 144 - 500 cubic foot flotation cells. Supplied complete with launder discharge and electric motors.

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