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Used Feeders (Misc) For Sale

1Feeders - OtherID#: 154
Ramsey Nuclear Vane Feeders Description taken from the manual: The Ramsey Nuclear Vane Feeders are designed to feed material from bins, hoppers and silos at a controlled rate. This rate may be controlled by a number of means, such as the rate being a percentage of a wild flow signal developed elsewhere in the process. The device will also deliver material at a fixed rate, controlled by a manual set point or the device can be set to operate at a desired speed thereby, delivering material at a fixed volumetric rate rather than a fixed rate determined by material weight. The Ramsey Nuclear Vane Feeder utilizes a Gamma radiation source and an ion detector to determine material density. The Gamma radiation is supplied by Cs 137 in a modular shielded housing complete with lockable shutter for safety reasons. A speed sensor is mounted on the reducer output shaft to provide a material speed rate signal to the electronic control system

1Feeders - OtherID#: 2287
13 Ft x 6.5 Ft Grizzly. Mounted on 14 Ft x 9.9 Ft Steel Frame.

1Feeders - OtherID#: 2290
8 Yard Hopper. Complete With Hydraulic Motor and Vibrator.

1Feeders - OtherID#: 2083
20 in. Dia X 26 in. Wide Rotary Feeder-Valve. Driven By A 7.5 HP Motor Through A 29-1 Ratio Cyclo Drive Reducer.

1Feeders - OtherID#: 2081
30 in. X 28 ft. Long Chip Conveyor

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