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Used Trommels For Sale

1TrommelsID#: 2831
NEW 14 in. Dia. x 7 ft. Trommel Mounted on Single Axle Trailer. 6 Yards per Hour. Includes 24 in. Dia. x 8 ft. Sluice Box, Generator, and Pump.

1TrommelsID#: 2903
NEW 18 Inch x 8 Foot Little Giant Trommel on Trailer with Hopper Feeder, Sluice Box, Pump, Generator, and More

1TrommelsID#: 2833
NEW 18 in. Dia. x 11 ft. Trommel Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer. 15 Yards per Hour Capacity. Includes Vibrating Grizzly Hopper, Sluice Box, Nugget Trap, Generator, and Pump.

1TrommelsID#: 2835
NEW 24 in. Dia. x 12 ft. Trommel Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer. 30 Yards per Hour. Includes Gold Recovery Sluice Boxes, Generator, Pump, and More.

1TrommelsID#: 2901
NEW 30 Inch x 16 foot De-Rocking Trommel with Sluice Boxes, Nugget Trap, Pump, Generator, and More.

1TrommelsID#: 2839
NEW 36 in. Dia. x 20 ft. Trommel Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer. 50 - 60 Yards per Hour Capacity. Includes Gold Recovery Sluice Boxes, Generator, and Pump.

1TrommelsID#: 2902
NEW 48 Inch x 20 foot De-Rocking Trommel with Sluice Boxes, Nugget Trap, Generator, Pump, and More.

1TrommelsID#: 2877
NEW 60 Inch x 30 Foot Trommel with Sluice Boxes, Washing De-Rocker Grizzly, and Rock Shoot, Generator, pump, and More. 150 yards per hour Capacity, MSHA Approved

1TrommelsID#: 2639
4 ft. x 16 ft. Trommel Complete with Sluice and Hopper. Driven by 11 HP Honda Gas Motor.

1TrommelsID#: 2415
18in DIA. X 6ft Trommel. On single axle chassis with diesel engine drive.

1TrommelsID#: 2322
18 inch X 72 inch Test Trommel. On single axle chassis. Gas drive engine.

1TrommelsID#: 2932
Used Gold Mining Extrac Trommel. 14 in. x 7 ft. Long Drum. 3 HP Motor. Complete with Sluice Boxes. Unit is in Excellent Condition.

1TrommelsID#: 2935
Goldfields Alaskan Model 150 Trommel. Diesel driven. Mounted on 48ft Tandem Axle Highboy. Comes with Generator.

1TrommelsID#: 2213
COMPLETELY RECONDITIONED. RMS-Ross Sluice box. Model R9-9. 18 ft. Wide Feed Box With Customized Primary Distribution and Recovery Area. Twin 18 ft. Long Secondary Sluice Runs. Aprox. 150 Yds. Per Hour and 225 Tons Per Hour.

1TrommelsID#: 2573
30 inch dia. x 78 inch long portable trommel. With feed hopper and sluice box. Tandem axle trailer and power generator.

1TrommelsID#: 2493
36 inch x 10 foot Trommel Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer with Onan Diesel Generator and 12 inch x 15 foot Conveyor.

12TrommelsID#: 2326
12 Inch Dia. x 40 Inch Long Test Trommel with Electric and Gas Drive

1TrommelsID#: 1608
New 42 inch diameter x 9 ft long custom built trommel/washplant. Hydraulic driven Complete with feed hopper, discharge conveyor and sluice box. All mount on a tri axle goose neck trailer. .

1TrommelsID#: 2908
48 inch dia trommel. Complete with feed hopper and sluice box.

1TrommelsID#: 1921
4FT Dia x 24FT Trommel. Capacity Rated At 75 Plus Yds. Per Hour. Electric Drive. Comes With Feed Hopper and Sluice Boxes. Complete With Detroit Genset.

1TrommelsID#: 2934
60 inch dia. X 35 foot long trommel. 30hp electric drive. Complete with sluice box.

1TrommelsID#: 2106
New Gold Digger 1015 Gold Trommel. 30 in. Dia. x 78.5 in. Drum. Complete with Feed Hopper, Oscillating Sluice, Baldor Industrial 240 V Motors, and Speed Reducers.

1TrommelsID#: 2189
36 dia. X 9 ft trommel. Comes with feed hopper and twin hydraulic oscillating sluice boxes.

1TrommelsID#: 592
Pilot Plant with 24 in. dia. X 10 ft long trommel, feed hopper, hydraulic grizzly, and discharge conveyor.

1TrommelsID#: 2206
Goldfield Trommel Plant. 4 ft x 12 ft Scrubber. Tandem Axel Chassis. Complete With Grizzly Hopper.

1TrommelsID#: 1876
48in Dia. x 20ft Trommel Wash Plant. Chain Driven. COmes with Sluice Box.

1TrommelsID#: 2521
RMS Ross Derocker. 10 ft. x 20 ft. Driven by 50 HP Motor. 100 Hours of Use. In Excellent Condition.

1TrommelsID#: 2321
4 ft. x 20 ft. Trommel. Complete With Hydraulic Diesel Drive.

1TrommelsID#: 2180
48 inch dia. X 20 foot long trommel. Gas engine drive. On triple axle trailer.

1TrommelsID#: 1957
3 Ft. Dia x 20 Ft. Hydraulic Driven Trommel Capacity Approximately 10 Yards Per Hour. Trailer Mounted With Pintal Hitch.

1TrommelsID#: 2010
5.5 ft. Dia. x 40 ft. Trommel Wash Plant. C/W Waste and In-Feed Conveyor and 100 KW Stamford Generator.

1TrommelsID#: 1982
88 In. x 40 Ft. Trommel. Comes With 40 HP 480 Volt Motor

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